May the 4th Be With You!

It’s Star Wars Day! I painted that picture. Not today. It’s from one of Kristen Olsen’s AE Uncorked classes from a little while back.

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So I’m a Dad Now

On March 18th at 9:24 PM, Sophia Lynn Minotti came screaming into this world. One minute later at 9:25 PM, Olivia Ann Minotti came screaming even louder.

Everyone always talks about what a life changing experience this will be. And academically, you get that. But man, nothing would have ever prepared me for the last week.

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Farewell, Big Ethel

big_ethel-14This weekend, something very exciting happened. I purchased a 2012 Subaru Forester with 10,800 miles on it. It’s a fantastic car.

But something sad happened too. It was finally time to say goodbye to my 2003 Toyota Highlander, Big Ethel. Continue reading Farewell, Big Ethel

Hello world!

I guess I can leave the title of the default WordPress blog post intact. I realized that was actually available, so I figured why not? May as well try making some manner of blog (again). But I figured especially with my twin daughters on the way, it might be fun to have a place to chronicle my sudden role of dad in addition to all the other stuff I like. For anyone who knows me, that involves Disney stuff, nerdy stuff, techy stuff, and video game stuff.

I’ll post a bunch of photos and such too. It’s what I do.

Enjoy our epic, hill top wedding photo in the mean time.